Ryan Mack Ryan Mack


Ryan K. Mack is an artist, a creative and a storyteller who desires for her work to exist at the intersection of critical thinking and everyday concepts, always in service of people. Ryan received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Graphic and Web Design at the Art Institute of Washington-Dulles, located in Dulles, Virginia.

Formerly a Graphic Designer in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area, she primarily focused on research communications in human resources, marketing, information technology and finance. Currently as a freelancer, she has enjoyed opportunities to work on logos and branding, fliers and marketing material, posters, illustrations, and executive documents. Furthermore, she really enjoys designing clean and fresh prints and using her problem-solving skills to figure out the best arrangement of content within a layout.

A lifelong learner, Ryan sees every person and experience as an educational opportunity, and believes that people should always be developing. Ultimately, she wants her work to be tangible and accessible, inspiring people to live and love freely.